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International Developers in London

ABrecruit are the founders and hosts of the awesome IDinLondon meetup groups. We identified an influx of developers to the UK from various countries, and have set up a number of different groups (Italian / Polish / Spanish / French / Portuguese / South African) in conjunction with a native of the group. These community based groups have been highly successful and have led to us being invited to events like NDC-Conferences in London & Oslo, and other prominent Meetup groups such as Devs in the Ditch.

We’re immensely proud of the job we’ve done in our groups (with close to 1,000 members!) so if you’d like to learn more please do let us know.

Building Communities

Many developers arrive in London from foreign countries and English is often not their 1st language. So finding your way around or a nice place to live can be difficult – our aim is to connect developers in a friendly environment where they can make new friends and discuss the latest technology trends.


We are agnostic in terms of development skills, and have seen a broad range of technical skills from C# developers to Java developers, C++ Developers, Database Engineers, Mobile developers and so on. As long as you are a development professional we are delighted to have you at our meetups!

Making Connections

It’s difficult enough settling into a new city, so finding someone who you can talk to about their experiences in relocating is beneficial. Whilst recruitment isn’t anywhere on the agenda, if needed we can help you to find a job here in London with your well-honed development skills.


What our community says about us

  • Adam is a great guy to work with. He is enthusiastic and fun to be around. He put a huge amount of work into IDinLondon group with even bigger results. With a bit over a year we have 3 strong groups and other 3 still growing. The events are well organised, which results in people coming to every event they can. It is rare to see a recruiter so passionate and involved about development events. Most people are not even aware that Adam is a recruiter, as he is there for the community :)
    Sebastian Witalec
  • Adam approached me when he started to set-up these International Developers communities, with this brilliant idea of a new way of bringing developers together. He is really passionate about his work as an organizer, dedicated and hard-working, always putting the community's interest first. Adam has always been the first to come with the best ideas on events, talks, and networking activities, and it is always a pleasure to work with him in the groups.
    Julien Brouusseau