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Saving money when hiring developers!

A while back we blogged about how the RPO model was the future of recruitment.  Since then we’ve worked with a number of companies (T101, CPC-Connect, MarketInvoice) to help them streamline their hiring processes.  AND SAVED THEM MONEY!

Hiring for tech staff is a pain.  We know it, you know, everyone knows it.  First you need to write a spec, then you need to get it advertised (and contact all of the providers like Jobserve, Jobsite, Indeed etc).  Then you have to put up with 100’s of recruiter calls every single day, the vast majority of which are completely clueless about hiring to fit your organisation because they’re just working on unrealistic KPIs with a manager in the background cracking the whip.  We’re different.  By spending time working in your offices we can see the environment, we can see what you’re working on, how your development team work and more importantly who is going to be a good match.

So, how does this model help to save money when hiring for developers?  We are able to filter through the hundreds of candidates to provide only the most relevant applications for your roles.  You no longer spend hours of your day reviewing CVs.  Things just happen.  Interviews with good people appear in your diary like magic.  Candidates are properly prepped, turn up on time and are impressive.  Hiring managers say it the best though, right?  We’ve been working with Chris Schumann (Product Director @ T101) since 2013.

“We’ve been working with Adam for a few years now. We’ve historically struggled with tech hiring, partly because of the niche we work in and partly because we’re very picky about who we hire. Working with Adam on a retained search / RPO arrangement works well for us because we don’t feel bad when we turn someone away when they’re not a great fit and Adam doesn’t feel too bad either because he’s being compensated for his time. This arrangement has also helped to reduce the average time it takes us to fill a role and has saved us money in the long term, so it’s really a win/win.”

Case study

In 2015 we engaged with MarketInvoice for the first time.  Due to the success of this, and their awesome hiring plans, we were asked back for a 2nd term this year (2017), during which we:

  • Helped MI to re-write every spec for jobs they were hiring for
  • Worked 1 day in the office every 2 weeks to ensure the culture fit
  • Helped to fill 5 different roles (Front End / Back End / Full Stack Development) via our impressive network that includes IDinLondon.
  • Freed up hiring managers’ time and resources
  • Negotiated cost savings with job boards of over £2k.
  • Saved them 31% over contingency agency fees
  • Calculated that agency usage would have increased spend by 73%

Anouk Agussol (Chief People Officer) was happy to provide us with a quote on the services:

Adam was able to help us to hire software developers by utilising his great network that has been built up through years of recruiting in the space; we saw a great return on investment saving us both time and money in hiring

As you can see from this brief insight to how we work, if you’re a company looking for developers why not take a look at and see how we really can save you A LOT of money on tech hires, oh, and we also send beer for the whole team to enjoy when a new hire starts, courtesy of our friends at Beerblefish.  Save money, get great tech staff AND get free beer.  #win

photo credit: cafecredit , Saving Plan.