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What our Clients say about us?

  • Adam successfully filled a C# role for us in September this year, with an excellent candidate. We found this role hard to fill and were sent many unsuitable candidates by various agents. Adam quickly understood our requirements and found us the right person. Happy to recommend him.
    Danvers Baillieu
  • Thanks to ABrecruit, we have finally hired a new Web Developer. It was a long journey as our requirements were quite specific. The quality of candidates sent to us were consistently good throughout the process. Apart from the hiring process, we were given a timely insight regarding the job seekers arena which proved very useful. It has been a real pleasure working with ABrecruit.
    Karen Pattni

What our Candidates say about us?

  • Over the years I've been placed into several roles by Adam and he has seen me grow as a developer to the point where he was able to land me my dream job with one of my dream companies. He's always listened to what I want from a role and made sure that all the boxes are ticked before sending me roles - really spot on!  It's this sort of service that makes me highly recommend ABrecruit.
    Brendon Bezuidenhout
  • Adam got in touch regarding an opportunity which he had clearly tailor-made to my experience as opposed to what other recruiters tend to do, which is find the first person for the role instead of the right person. The most important attribute I'd place with Adam is that of integrity. The reason this is important is because, having dealt with recruiters both personally in seeking new opportunities and in my day job, the recruitment industry is filled with people all too willing to be unethical. Adam was completely honest with me about the pros/cons, the challenges. I could tell that the company trusted him to find the right person and he clearly puts his blood, sweat and tears into doing the job properly. I recommend him without reservation.
    Chris Ward


What Community says about us?

  • Adam is a great guy to work with. He is enthusiastic and fun to be around. He put a huge amount of work into IDinLondon group with even bigger results. With a bit over a year we have 3 strong groups and other 3 still growing. The events are well organised, which results in people coming to every event they can. It is rare to see a recruiter so passionate and involved about development events. Most people are not even aware that Adam is a recruiter, as he is there for the community :)
    Sebastian Witalec
  • Adam approached me when he started to set-up these International Developers communities, with this brilliant idea of a new way of bringing developers together. He is really passionate about his work as an organizer, dedicated and hard-working, always putting the community's interest first. Adam has always been the first to come with the best ideas on events, talks, and networking activities, and it is always a pleasure to work with him in the groups.
    Julien Brouusseau

RPO Testimonials

  • I've known Adam for a few years and in that time he has proved to be an absolute exception in recruiting developers. Not only does he understand the market and provide true quality in the applicants he sends, but by engaging him in an RPO agreement we have seen our cost to hire reduce whilst quality has improved. I believe it to be an absolute win/win situation for both of us and I'm happy to recommend him.
    Andrew Fladmark
  • We struggle to find time for recruitment, so having a dedicated company to take care of the much of process has been a huge help.  ABrecruit are able to understand our specific requirements very well, ensuring that any candidates passed on to us are worth a look, and we don’t spend time wading through the chaff.
    Chris Denning