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Why we made a change to IDinLondon (our events arm)

Have you ever been to an IDinLondon event?  Chances are if you are reading this article then you have!

IDinLondon was something that started out in 2013 when I (Adam) met with an Italian guy called Lorenzo and told him I’d seen such an increase in developers relocating to London from Italy and wondered if he could be interested in starting a group to not only help them settle here but also to network (and y’know I’m a recruiter so if I can help them find jobs then that’s pretty cool too !).  We had our first event in May 2013 and about 40 people attended.

Since this initial event we managed to organically grow to 6 groups (added Portuguese, Spanish, French, South African, Polish), and the member numbers jumped to almost 1,100.  However, it turned into a logistical nightmare adding events to 6 meetup groups, sending reminders 6 times and people became unable to see if there would be many people attending an event (for instance at a recent event we had over 40 people in attendance, but if you look at the Portuguese page for the event only 3 people attended and 1 of them was me!  I also know some people have mentioned to me that they weren’t sure about coming to the events as they aren’t ‘Spanish’ for example.  We want everyone to take advantage of the awesome talks we have, and we certainly don’t want to alienate people!

We even made a conference :)

So, a decision was made!  I decided to amalgamate all 6 groups into 1.  Quite simply IDinLondon over on Meetup.

Going forward I will step away from the individual groups (but they will still run with a group leader for social events etc) and focus on IDinLondon.  Please do join the IDinLondon group and if you have any questions drop me an email or pop something in the comments below.

Please join the new group to keep abreast of the latest events in the IDinLondon calendar.